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4 BHK Apartments & 5 BHK Duplex

₹ 90 Lac. ONWARDS

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Premium residences amidst lush greens on a 57-meter wide road, Veridia takes luxury to the next level. Thoughtful layouts, immaculate designs, and ultra-modern amenities set it apart from any other property on NH 24. Well-lit and ventilated, these homes also offer home automation, front door digital lock, video door phone bringing the best of nature and science. Apart from that EV charging point is also available at every car parking. Veridia presents 5BHK Sky Villas that ooze extravagance adorned by sprawling lush greens that mesmerize. They boast all the modern luxuries you've ever dreamed of and more. With state-of-the-art amenities for ultimate comfort, each home is designed to be a reflection of your grand stature. Lavish 4 BHK floors offer chic living space, 4 grand bedrooms, and modern fittings throughout, there is nothing dated about these homes. Built for the contemporary urban dweller, every home offers the best in style, design, comfort and luxury.

Wave City


  • Stadium

  • Club House

  • Large & Open Green Space

  • Power Backup

  • Gated Community

  • DPS School

Wave city stadium

Wave Veridia  Price 


Wave City NH-24 Ghazibad

Wave City Highlights

Wave City is "World's Largest Green Pre-Certified Platinum Rated Township". The project makes use of a rain water harvesting system as well as water recycling plants that recycle grey water for daily use and ensure a minimum strain on the ecosystem

Who Qualifies for the PBZ grants and or mentoring?

PBZ’s target audience is entrepreneurs who have informal businesses. These businesses could be run from your home, considered a side hustle, are done in conjunction with a full-time job etc. Generally, these entrepreneurs have not been involved in a formal training program or received grants or funding in the past. They probably do not have an attorney or CPA. These entrepreneurs need a small ‘break’ to go ‘formal’ or ‘legit’, possibly quitting their full-time job, a deposit on an office space, an attorney to incorporate, a consultant to help with a business plan etc.

These entrepreneurs are BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) with a focus on women of color. These entrepreneurs currently reside in underserved areas such as lower wealth urban and rural areas. Their lives could be affected by incarceration, violence, or other types of strife. The final decisions will be at the discretion of PBZ’s board and/or Chair-Founder.

When I will be notified if I have been awarded or receive mentoring?

We review grants on a quarterly basis ending in March, June, September, and December. We will cut-off applications for the quarter the last day of the following month. It is our goal to review all and issue our decisions within 45 days of this cut-off date.

How many grants will you award?

Our resources are limited, the grants can range in the amount of $500-$5,000. Most will be from $500-$2,000 based on the information received from each potential grantee. We suggest you be as specific as possible about each element of your request. In some quarters we anticipate we will give between 1-10 less grants. In some cycles we may not award grants. The final decisions will be at the discretion of PBZ’s board and/or Chair-Founder.

If I am awarded a grant, will I immediately get mentoring?

No. These decisions are separate, and you should apply for each if you desire. In some cases, we might offer mentoring or referrals to applicants who are not awarded a grant. We may also offer mentoring to awardees who have not requested. The final decisions will be at the discretion of PBZ’s board and/or Chair-Founder.

If I am declined, can I reapply?


Can I reapply if I am awarded a grant?

Yes, but it is highly unlikely you will receive another grant as PBZ’s resources are limited and the expectation is the funding and or other support providing will lead you to a ‘formal’ business model. The final decisions will be at the discretion of PBZ’s board and/or Chair-Founder.

Does my non-profit qualify?

In rare cases we will provide grants to nonprofits with compatible visions, PBZ’s preference is to give directly to entrepreneurs. The final decisions will be at the discretion of PBZ’s board and/or Chair-Founder.

4 BHK Apartments


2385 Sq.Ft.


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5 BHK Duplex


4089 Sq.Ft.


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